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Asthma is a long-term lung condition.  People with asthma have sensitive airways in their lungs which react to triggers, causing a ‘flare-up’. In a flare-up, the muscles around the airway squeeze tight, the airways swell and become narrow and there is more mucus. These things make it harder to breathe​.

Asthma WA is on a mission to raise awareness so that every person living with asthma has an asthma action plan and is taking medication appropriately.

For more information, call 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462)

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Our mission is to support people living with or affected by diabetes and suffering from related chronic conditions through undertaking activities directly or through financial support of other organisations with similar goals.

Please visit to take a 2 minute test to assess your risk of Type 2 diabetes or download our factsheets. Alternatively, call 1300 001 880 for more information.

Tiny Sparks WA is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of Western Australian families enduring high-risk pregnancy, infants requiring neonatal unit care and the associated childhood impacts; including the communities supporting them.

To see how you can help this 100% volunteer run organisation, please visit our website at Alternatively you may call 1800 846 977, leave a message, and one of our dedicated volunteers will return your call.

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