Rebellious Vision

It started with a love of theatre, the thrill of being part of a show, seeing audiences happy with the end result and the satisfaction that you did something good. 

It then became a thirst for something more, doing something different, being something bigger. So we did.

A group of friends got together with the same ideas and visions and agreed that the dream of doing art differently, while still feeling familiar, was definitely worth looking at more seriously.

We started to question, 'what's outside the box', which led to 'let's throw away the box'. Then it became 'we can do whatever we want'. And thus many ideas were born with short term and long term planning.

We have no 'home' so we decided to make all of Perth our home, so we aren't limited to where we hold our events. 

We are beyond excited to bring our events to the community and we look forward to seeing new faces and meeting new people. Essentially, we intend to engage the community one event at a time.


The Board